If you see something here that you'd like to put on your site, you can access the codes through the Yola Test Site.   You will see each site set up with a main category.  Please enter the site that is applicable to you.  Once you are in the site, there are a couple of things you can do.  You can simply copy the code and paste onto your site  or you can "play with the code" and see what it looks like.  There are a few rules to help keep things organized.  Please read below:

 USERNAME:  yolatestsite@gmail.com                    PASSWORD:  yolatestsite


How to use the Yola Test Site:

Step 1.  Look at the published Yola Test Site (click on button above) to see if anyone is already in the site builder.

Step 2.  If no one is logged in, then you can go ahead and log in at that chat box.  Please do not log into the chat box at the "Members Only" page - this is for people with administrative access.

Step 3.  Go to the www.yola.com to sign in using the username and password given above.

Step 4.  Grab your code or if you want to play with the code, be sure to do the "save page as".

Step 5. When you're all done, state that you're logging off on the published Yola Test site chatbox. 

Basic Rules to follow:

1.  Only 1 person at a time in the site builder.  This is very important so that we don't run the risk of losing work or changes made. 

2.  Respect each other's work.  If you want to tinker with a code, please use the "save page as" and use your name for the page, so that the original work will not be corrupted. 

3.  When copying the code, please be sure to copy everything in each HTML box - then paste to Notepad.  Then copy and paste into your site builder.  Don't forget to change the image path or any urls to reflect your site.

4.  Once you have tweaked the code to your liking and have successfully implemented it onto your site, please delete your page so that the site does not get too cluttered up. 

  If you want to use this site to host your images, please make your own folder on this site.  Please do not use other people's images or artwork without their expressed permission.

6.  If you need help with tweaking your code, please click here and explain what you are trying to do and either the site moderator or other users on here can help you.

7.  If you have a code that you would like to see added or if you are searching for a particular code, please contact the moderator.


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